Volume 10, Number 1

Welcome to our first issue for 2016, a special year as it is our 10th year of publication.  It’s hard to believe that this newsletter had humble beginnings on  January 8, 2007 with a subscription rate of 80 students and today, 10 years later, it has grown to a subscription rate of approximately 3000 readers!

As stated in the above masthead, this eMEMO is “published weekly during the winter semester, usually every Sunday afternoon, to provide information for and encouragement to all Bachelor of Education (Intermediate/Secondary and Primary/Elementary) students” doing their internships out in the schools in this province, across Canada and indeed, outside Canada.

Interns, this eMEMO is for you and we encourage you to read the various submissions submitted weekly by your fellow classmates.  For obvious reasons, it takes about 2-3 weeks before we start receiving those submissions from you but in the meantime, we’ll reprint submissions from previous issues which will hopefully provide some insights to you about the work you’re now ready to embark on.  Plus, we’ll be including articles/portions thereof which will be of a professional development nature and hence, hopefully helpful to you as a teacher intern.   Best wishes to all of you for a successful and enjoyable internship and of course, you are encouraged to send into the editor (jdelaney@mun.ca) short 8-10 line submissions about any aspect of your internship.

Feedback From Interns IN Previous Years

Overwhelmingly positive experience  So far, my internship has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. The teachers and parents have been very supportive of my placement in the class and the students have been incredibly patient while I learn. I have a wonderful class, and a very talented co-operative teacher. I predict that I will learn valuable lessons during my internship that will stay with me throughout my career.

(Elementary Intern  –  Jan. 17, 2010)

 Couldn’t have hoped for a better experience

As a Physical Education major, my ultimate goal was to get some time teaching my passion. I spent the first two weeks feeling out the classroom and getting to know my students. After that, I was invited to partake in a few Physical Education classes. I feel like this internship is providing me with the best of two worlds.

As I expected, I love seeing the students get active and letting themselves relax and enjoy their time in the gymnasium.

However, I also found that I enjoy teaching in the classroom and building relationships with the students more than I thought I would. Overall, I am looking forward to being given more responsibilities as I get more comfortable in my teaching roles. I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience.  (Primary Intern – Feb. 17, 2014)

 My couch has become my best friend

Despite being someone who feeds off of people’s energies, my couch has become my best friend at the end of the school day. All “former-interns” have mentioned their frequent napping and how it helped them make it through their internships. The fatigue has been one of the biggest adjustments for me.

There are a million things that happen in the span of five hours – all of which require attention: from students without pencils to another one shooting spitballs to one who REALLY needs to pee to one who wants to tell you about his or her weekend – all at the same time.

I think it’s near impossible to be taught about “what to expect” (there is a child in my school with a watch phobia, freaky!). My methodology courses have encouraged the delivery of meaningful learning to students but it is also integral to our development as teachers. There is no way to write a book about every possible potential experience and deliver it in a classroom setting, so the internship is the only real way to learn how to teach – a process that will and should be, lifelong and dynamic. Variety is the spice of life and of lesson planning.  (Intermediate Intern – Mar. 4, 2012)

 Scared witless

When I first started this program the prospect of a 12 week internship had me scared witless.  Now I’m three weeks into my big bad internship and I have to say that every day I come here makes me think I made the right choice in picking this career.  I’m deep into lesson planning at the moment as I prepare to take over some more of my co-operating teacher’s course load; it’s nerve wracking, but a great challenge at the same time.  I’m very excited to make this unit all my own and show myself what I can do.

I’m nervous of course, I’m still very new to this game and I don’t expect every lesson to go as planned – not by a long shot!  But that’s the way things go sometimes and I think I’ll learn just as much from the bad days as I do the good ones.  Time management is my biggest concern at the moment; learning to cover a certain amount of material within a set time frame is a lot more difficult than I ever imagined it to be.  It’s making me realize that I still have a lot to learn about teaching, and that’s okay because that’s what this internship is all about! (Secondary Intern – Jan. 25, 2015)

 On The Lighter Side of Teaching (Part 1)


“My abstract art teacher. . . he’s not all there!”


On The Lighter Side of Teaching (Part 2)


“Which one of you is the evil twin?”


Free Subscription to The Monday eMemo

If you know of someone who would like to be placed on the listserv to receive this publication, please forward or have them forward his/her name to jdelaney@mun.ca

On The Lighter Side of Teaching (Part 3)


“Come at me as if I have more homework for you!”


Practical Advice Re The Internship

In a separate email to all interns, you should have received a 2 page handout (PDF and MS Word versions) detailing some practical advice re your internship. This was a handout I used back in the fall semester in my Effective Teaching class (Education 4005).  If you haven’t received this email, please email yours truly (jdelaney@mun.ca) and I’ll forward one to you.

Education Law Corner

This new article detailing the various basic concepts all teachers and teacher candidates should know about Education/School Law will begin next week in Issue # 2. We think you’ll find it an interesting addition to the eMEMO.

Concluding Comment From The Editor

That concludes this very introductory issue # 1.

Best wishes to all interns for a very successful and highly enjoyable   start this week to the internship.  If you’re a little nervous about beginning your internship, that’s normal and is a true indicator that you’re taking the internship very seriously.


About themondayememo

Jerome G. Delaney, Editor Associate Professor – Educational Administration Faculty of Education Memorial University of Newfoundland St. John’s, NL Canada A1B 3X8 Telephone: 709-864-2071 Facsimile: 709-864-2345 Email: jdelaney@mun.ca
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