Vol. 6, Number 11

Welcome to issue # 11.  Interns, 4 weeks left in your internship and many of you have commented that you’ll be very sad to see your

internships end.  That’s obvious an indication of how enjoyable and worthwhile you have found this experience to be and as Martha would say, “That’s a good thing”.  “Savor” those remaining classes!

Feedback From This Year’s Interns


Becoming more and more comfortable

Every week that goes by I am becoming more and more comfortable with my classes and the school in general. My students are great and any classroom management problems I have had in the beginning have disappeared.

None of my students seem to want me to leave and continue to ask me on a regular basis about how long I have left in the school. The first few weeks were a challenge as I am sure it was for all my fellow interns but I have really found my niche in the classroom and the school.

Words of advice when it comes to classroom management: candy is a great motivator, know all the students’ names and have a sense of humor. These things have helped me develop a rapport with my students that I hope will continue through my career.

(Intermediate/Secondary Intern)


Thoroughly enjoying my internship

I am thoroughly enjoying my internship as my co-operating teacher is quite effective. I have learned a lot from her, especially ideas about facilitating the 21st century learner, which we all need to know and in-depth.

I am very excited to get out into the real world, even if it is not in Newfoundland Labrador.  My husband is in a replacement position here now and we hope to head to northern Canada, depending on the job situation, when I finish my B. Ed.  (Primary/Elementary Intern)


Not every class is filled with rainbows and unicorns

My internship is going great!  My classes are great and my co-operating teacher is excellent.  I have always loved teaching but getting to know each student has been the most rewarding part of the job.

It is a pleasure to walk into the classroom and be a part of such a wonderful environment.  With that being said, not every class is filled with rainbows and unicorns but even in a class where nothing seems to go right, there are still great moments.

With only about 4 weeks left, I am definitely going to miss it and the kids! (Secondary Intern)


Unfortunately we had one of the favorite gerbils, “Little Bear” pass away a few weeks ago

It is hard to believe that we are ten weeks into our internship and are now making our way to the home stretch!  What a whirlwind it has been for me so far.  I am teaching Grade 8 Science and Health and absolutely loving it.

I think that one of the most positive experiences I have had so far, besides being able to teach a really great group of students, has been the actual classroom where I teach.  In our Biology lab we have four bunnies, three mice, five gerbils, a turtle, some fish and a finch.  Not to mention that my co-operating teacher also has plants growing all around the room.  Think of Ms. Frizzell from the Magic School Bus and that is the type of setting I am in!  It has been so conducive to the students’ engagement in the material and their motivation to come to class.  My co-operating teacher is the brains behind this set up which I applaud her for because it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep these animals and students happy.


I recommend for any future science teacher to try and incorporate elements of this kind into their lab because it gives your classroom a totally different feel than any other classroom.   At the end of every class we have “time with the animals” depending on how well the class went.  I was shocked by how my students look so forward to taking the animals out of their cage and playing with them during the last few minutes of class. Unfortunately we had one of the favorite gerbils, “Little Bear”, pass away a few weeks ago.  To say that I was not prepared for that day is an understatement!  The students were so upset and they still talk about it all the time.

When my internship is over, I am going to really miss my students. (Intermediate Intern)


In for a penny, in for a pound

The junior high atmosphere has been a surprisingly great place for me to do my teaching internship. After my first degree, I had a ten-year career as a benefits analyst and this teaching endeavor is the start of my second career path. It took me some time to build a rapport with my students, given that there is a large age gap between my students and me. It was challenging therefore to find stories and examples to build into our class discussions that would capture their interest. I felt powerless and was not convinced that I could have the desired impact on my students.

It was fortunate for me that I have a great co-operating teacher; he has a great personality and this has helped him to build a rapport with the students. He has provided me with a lot of sound advice on how to approach the students and my lessons plans. I quickly decided that the best thing for me to do was to completely throw myself into the process;  “in for a penny, in for a pound”.  Basketball has always been an interest of mine so I decided to be one of the coaches for the grade seven girls’ basketball team. I am having so much fun watching this team build chemistry and grow together. As each day now passes, I also have a better connection with the students in my Math and Science classes. I realized that it is important for a junior high teacher to treat their students with respect, to maintain their dignity and to have a sense of humor.

The students will be your greatest source of support, once they realize that you are there for them unconditionally. They will take care of you by helping out in class and their compliments will recharge your batteries to give you the boost that will keep you going when you really need it. I now feel that I can have a positive academic and social influence on my students for many years into the future.  (Intermediate Intern)


Given us the insight of many years of experience

I believe that the internship is the best part of the education program. Not only has it provided great practical experience in a school setting but it has also given us the insight of many years of experience through the staff at our school.

In my opinion this experience is invaluable and simply adds to what

we’ve been exposed to by our professors at MUN. In class you can barely scratch the surface of all the issues one may face in the run of a day but that constant change at least provides for an environment that is always challenging.

In the event that it becomes too much I have found that all the staff share responsibilities and the workload quite well and all work together. All the teachers were extremely welcoming when we arrived and I can only hope that my first actual posting will be as good an experience as this one has been thus far.

My co-operating teachers are both fantastic and very experienced. They

have allowed me almost free-rein with their classes which I have found great in terms of developing my teaching style as well as learning how to organize and plan curriculum.

This type of practical learning is what should compose the majority of the B. Ed. program as it places the emphasis on the real world of

teaching and allows us to be much better prepared for working next year.

(Intermediate/Secondary Intern)


On the Lighter Side of Teaching (Part 1)


“You live, you learn. You just can’t just pray for snow.

You have to pray for accumulation!”


Quote of the Week

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”  Chinese proverb


On The Lighter Side of Teaching (Part 2)



“Whatever you do, don’t laugh at his comb-over!”


On The Lighter Side of Teaching (Part 3)


“Here’s my time management study.  It shows that if you eliminate

all tests, you could cut your workload by 60 percent!”


Recommended Book Resource

This feature is not available this week.  It will return in next week’s issue.    


Concluding Comment

That concludes issue # 11. A special word of thanks to those interns who sent in submissions – it is most appreciated.

In the NHL teams are frantically trying to make the playoffs.  Of course I have to mention that mes Habs defeated the Canucks last night by a score of 4 – 1 and the Leafs lost to the Flyers 1-0 in the shootout.  The Flyers-Leafs game was a great one and obviously Randy Carlyle is a good fit for the Leafs.  I don’t think they’ll make the playoffs this year but they’ll be a force to be reckoned with next year.

Still with hockey and my sincere apologies to readers who are just not into hockey:  I have to mention our scrimmage game Friday night past at St. Bon’s.  Yours truly got his first ever hat trick along with 2 assists – I was more shocked than my team-mates!  And, yes there was a goalie in the net! Unfortunately, there were no celebratory hats/caps thrown on the ice – that might have had something to do with the fact that there were no spectators!!!!!!!!! Ah, still living the dream!


Have a great week everyone.

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